Women in the Profession

November, 2022

Vance Center Engages at the International Bar Association

Vance Center program leaders convened events at the International Bar Association annual conference, highlighting work on diversity, pro bono practice, and the rule of law.  Lawyers attending ga... Read More

October, 2022

Vance Center Joins the Launch of Nigeria Women in the Profession

The Vance Center joined in a hybrid event of more than 200 participants to launch the Nigerian chapter of the Women in the Profession Program (WIP). Vance Center Africa Program Director Adaobi... Read More

October, 2022

Vance Center Celebrates Key Founders

The Vance Center commemorated its 20th anniversary by celebrating founders of the organization, particularly two key programs. More than 100 participants attended an evening event, representing l... Read More

October, 2022

Vance Center Celebrates 20 Years With Focus on Program

The Vance Center convened a full-day programmatic event with more than 60 participants, representing US, Latin American, European, and African law firms, NGO clients and other stakeholders. Read More

May, 2022

The Vance Center Supports South African Women Lawyers of Color

In partnership with the US Embassy in South Africa, the Vance Center and its South African Legal Fellows Alumni Network organized a training and cocktail event for program mentees and other legal... Read More

April, 2022

Vance Center Co-Sponsors Diversity Event on the Power of General Counsels

The Women in the Profession program co-hosted with TelevisaUnivision, AbogadasMX, and SoftBank Latin America Fund a hybrid event entitled “The Power of General Counsels in Promoting Diversity i... Read More