Vance Center Joins Conference on Journalists’ Safety

December 2017

Vance Center Executive Director Alex Papachristou participated in a conference convened by the ACOS Alliance on enhancing safety practices for freelance journalists and other media workers in high-risk conditions, like conflict zones.

Participants included freelancers, organized through Frontline Freelance Register, media organizations, including the New York Times and the Associated Press, and press freedom organizations, like the Committee to Protect Journalists.  Papachristou spoke with freelancers and participated in a roundtable discussion with representatives of the three constituencies.

The Vance Center and two international law firms are providing ACOS with pro bono legal representation to promote its mission and programs.  ACOS is a coalition of major news companies, journalism organizations, and freelancers, who have gathered to develop and endorse worldwide freelance protection standards and work to embed them into newsrooms worldwide.  The coalition came together in response to the increased dangers to journalists in places like Syria.  ACOS is working on a number of initiatives to support news organizations and journalists to embed the Freelance Journalist Safety Principles in their work:

  • Develop a secure mechanism for safety experts and freelancers to share safety and security information;
  • Promote insurance and research affordable options for freelance and local journalists worldwide;
  • Create greater access to safety training for freelancers and local journalists;
  • Communicate best practices in safety and disseminate an online inventory listing practical resources available for freelancers and editors.