December, 2020

Vance Center Conducts Workshops for Kenyan Judges and Magistrates

With the support of the Chubb Rule of Law Fund, the Vance Center organized virtual workshops on transnational corruption and cybersecurity for more than 70 judges and magistrates in Kenya. Read More

February, 2020

Save the Date: Pro Bono Event in Bogotá

On March 24, 2020, the Vance Center, together with its fellow members of the Pro Bono Network of the Americas and host organization Fundación Pro Bono Colombia, will hold the 2020 annual pro bon... Read More

April, 2019

Vance Center Committee Member Recounts Defending Journalists

New York Times Deputy General Counsel and Vance Center Committee member David McCraw and New York Times International Editor Michael Slackman discussed legal help for journalists in danger, at a ... Read More

October, 2018

The Vance Center Celebrates International Pro Bono Excellence

Ted Maynard, Vance Center Chair (Right), Alexander Papachristou, Vance Center Executive Director (Middle Right), David Rohde, ACOS Alliance (Middle Left), Roger Maldonado, New York City Bar Presi... Read More

September, 2018

Third Annual Pro Bono Celebration is Approaching

The Vance Center will host the 3rd annual Celebration of International Pro Bono Excellence in late October 2018, recognizing the achievements of six Vance Center Committee law firms. A law firm i... Read More

July, 2018

The Vance Center Convenes Global Workshop on Women in Prison

The Vance Center’s global workshop “Women in prison: evidence, advocacy and reform” will convene in Bogota, Colombia, in early September 2018. It will bring together 45 women prisoners’ r... Read More