February, 2023

Vance Center Hosts Panel on Public International Law and Atrocities in Ukraine

Panelists and speakers at the Vance Center’s panel discussion, “Ukraine – Responses to Atrocity Crimes,” New York, February 2023. (Photo credit: Vance Center) The Vance Ce... Read More

October, 2022

Vance Center Celebrates Key Founders

The Vance Center commemorated its 20th anniversary by celebrating founders of the organization, particularly two key programs. More than 100 participants attended an evening event, representing l... Read More

October, 2022

Vance Center Celebrates 20 Years With Focus on Program

The Vance Center convened a full-day programmatic event with more than 60 participants, representing US, Latin American, European, and African law firms, NGO clients and other stakeholders. Read More

May, 2021

Vance Center Co-Organizes Annual Pro Bono Conference

The Vance Center, the Pro Bono Network of the Americas, Fundación Pro Bono Colombia  and Universidad del Rosario  jointly have organized the conference “Human Rights, Sustainability and Acce... Read More

March, 2021

Vance Center Engages The Gambian Judiciary in Adjudicating Corruption and Economic Crimes

The Vance Center and the International Center for Transitional Justice convened a workshop for  30 judges in the Gambia, focusing on the importance of transitional justice in fighting corruption... Read More

December, 2020

Vance Center Conducts Workshops for Kenyan Judges and Magistrates

With the support of the Chubb Rule of Law Fund, the Vance Center organized virtual workshops on transnational corruption and cybersecurity for more than 70 judges and magistrates in Kenya. Read More