Vance Center Conducts Workshops for Kenyan Judges and Magistrates

December 2020

(New York City Bar President, Sheila Boston giving her welcome remarks)

With the support of the Chubb Rule of Law Fund, the Vance Center organized virtual workshops on transnational corruption and cybersecurity for more than 70 judges and magistrates in Kenya. The Kenyan Judges and Magistrates Association (KJMA) requested the workshops for its members to strengthen their understanding of adjudicating cybersecurity, cyber forensics, and transnational corruption cases.

In Kenya, judges and magistrates increasingly hear high-level or otherwise complicated corruption cases, usually involving transnational digital activity and often involving expert testimony and complex evidence. The recently-enacted Computer Misuses and Cybercrimes Act increased the need for judicial capacity building.

The workshop began with opening remarks by Hon. Jacqueline Kamau, the president of KJMA, followed by New York City Bar Association President Sheila Boston, who shared her vision for the Bar Association and encouraged the participating judges to continue to commit to the rule of law. Hon Caroline Kendago, Vice President of KMJA, responded with gratitude and emphasized the importance of the workshop to the Kenyan judiciary.

Justice Said Chitembwe moderated the panel presentations on (1) international business structures and transactions by Arnold Schoombee (Chubb),  (2) trends in money laundering, asset recovery, and forfeiture by John Gilkes (corruption investigations expert) and Howard Fields (Mastercard), and (3) the role of companies in preventing and redressing transnational corruption by Yindi Gesinde (Baker & McKenzie) and Inviolata Oriwo (Novartis).

A second session examined (1) understanding cybersecurity and digital forensics by Kelly Agira (Kenya Cybersecurity and Forensics Association), (2) cyber crimes and emerging technologies by Rebecca Ledingham (Mastercard), and (3) electronic evidence management by Kate O’Leary (General Electric) and Gbenga Omotosho (Chevron).

Vance Center Africa Programs Manager Adaobi Egboka organized the workshops in partnership with the KMJA executive director Daniel Sepu.

In January 2021, the program will conclude with a virtual consultative forum for the judges and magistrates to brainstorm on improving the handling of cybercrime and transnational corruption cases. This session will involve a wider audience of journalists, NGO leaders, lawyers, and other key stakeholders.