Vance Center Hosts Lawyers Delegation from Argentina

April 2019

(Argentinean Delegation and Vance Center Staff | Photo Credit: Sam Bookman)

A delegation of Argentinean legal academics, legislators, executive officials, and judges from the province of Misiones visited the Vance Center to learn more about U.S. approaches to legal training and pro bono legal services.

The visiting lawyers had a particular interest in pro bono representation in immigration matters, the ramifications of which reverberate across the Americas. Vance Center staff presented the “Keep Families Together” initiative, which connects Latin American pro bono lawyers with U.S. immigration counsel working on family reunification, among similar matters.

Located in northeast Argentina, Misiones is among the most underdeveloped provinces in the country. The Vance Center’s clearinghouse partner in Argentina, Comisión Pro Bono, has identified Misiones as an area of focus to disseminate pro bono values and culture through its Red Federal Pro Bono.

The delegation sought to explore best practices in judicial training and management in the United States, to support its own efforts to develop comprehensive, inter-disciplinary training programs and better assess long-term judicial needs of the province.

Superior Court Justice Rosanna Pia Venchiarutti Sartori of Misiones province and Diego Somoza, who coordinates the National Ministry of Justice and Human Rights’ legal aid centers for underserved populations in the Northeast Region, were among those attending.