Public Interest Reporting

June, 2024

Vance Center Joins Panel on Legal Support for Nonprofit News Outlets

Vance Center Executive Director Alex Papachristou and AfroLA founder Dana Amihere during a panel discussion at INN Days in San Diego, June 12, 2024. Photo credit: Fabiola Lopez On June 12, Papach... Read More

April, 2024

Vance Center Joins Panels at International Journalism Festival

Vance Center Executive Director Alexander Papachristou (center) speaks during a panel introducing safety clinics for journalists on the first day of the International Journalism Festival in Perug... Read More

March, 2024

2024 Brings New Program Structure for the Vance Center

The Vance Center is pleased to announce that 2024 has brought exciting changes to our programmatic structure. As the world changes and global developments create new opportunities – and ris... Read More

December, 2023

Vance Center Expands Press Freedom Work with New Funding, New Clients

Reporters Shield   The Vance Center expanded the capacity of its Reporters Shield program thanks to a generous grant from the Oak Foundation.   The first-time grant from the Oak Foundation ha... Read More

November, 2023

Reporters Shield Joins UNESCO Panel on SLAPPs

On November 3, Green participated in a panel entitled “Strategic lawsuits against public participation: a mechanism for silencing the press under the guise of legality.” The multi-lingual pan... Read More

October, 2023

Reporters Shield Highlighted at Conferences on Human Rights, Investigative Journalism

Vance Center Executive Director Alexander Papachristou at the ABA’s Human Rights and Rule of Law Summit, September 6, 2023. Photo: Vance Center Vance Center Executive Director Alexander Pap... Read More