The Vance Center collaborates with hundreds of law firms around the world throughout the year:

The Vance Center thanks the following partners:

  • Twenty nine firms have representatives on the Vance Center Committee and play a central role in planning and participating in pro bono promotion and diversity activities in Latin America, Africa, and Europe.
  • These firms and more than 130 others from 75 countries serve as co-counsel in the Vance Center’s pro bono representation program.
  • Many other firms help plan and attend events, meetings, and conferences to pursue the Vance Center’s Women in the Profession program, Africa program, and the Lawyers Council for Civil and Economic Rights in the Americas.

The lawyers and their law firms provide all of this support to the Vance Center entirely on a pro bono basis, demonstrating and fulfilling their commitment to legal service for those who need but cannot afford it.

The Vance Center benefits from the generosity of many individuals who contribute their time as volunteers for many of our programs and events and who provide financial support.

The Vance Center thanks our individual supporters for their monetary support:

  • Carey Dunne
  • William Dougherty
  • James Brumm
  • Eric Ordway
  • The Jennifer and Kingston Family Fund
    And more

The Vance Center has received grants from the following public and private foundations:

The Vance Center is proud to have the following funders as sources of support:

  • The Tinker Foundation
  • The Ford Foundation
  • The Open Society Foundation
  • The Novo Foundation
  • The Chubb Rule of Law Fund
  • [others]