April, 2022

Vance Center Co-Sponsors Expert Seminar on the Right to a Healthy Environment

(Photo credit: Shutterstock) The Environment Program recently co-sponsored an expert seminar on “United Nations Recognition of the Right to a Clean, Healthy and Sustainable Environment: Past De... Read More

February, 2022

Vance Center Supports Historic Win for Indigenous Peoples

(Photo Credit: Amazon Frontlines) The Constitutional Court of Ecuador relied on an amicus brief facilitated by the Vance Center in an historic decision on the rights of Indigenous peoples to free... Read More

January, 2022

Vance Center Supports Ecuadorian Oil Spill Victims

The Vance Center Environment Program facilitated the filing of an amicus brief on behalf two UN Special Rapporteurs, in support of a claim by Indigenous Ecuadorian communities affected by a massi... Read More

November, 2021

Environment Program Supports Expert Amicus in Historic Indigenous Rights Case

The Vance Center Environment Program facilitated the presentation of an expert amicus brief in support of the constitutional rights of two Indigenous communities before the Constitutional Court o... Read More

October, 2021

Landmark Recognition of Right to a Healthy Environment Encourages Vance Center

The Vance Center took gratification from the outcome of the October 8 session of the Human Rights Council, where, by a vote of 43-0-4 (abstentions), the United Nations for the first time recogniz... Read More

September, 2021

Environment Program Assists UN Expert on the Right to Science

The Vance Center Environment Program assisted the United Nations Special Rapporteur on Human Rights and Toxics, Dr. Marcos Orellana, in preparing a report delivered to the United Nations Human Ri... Read More