Lawyers Council

November, 2021

Guatemalan Judges Visit the Vance Center

Members of the Guatemalan Association of Judges for Integrity (AGJI) visited the New York City Bar Association building to meet with members of the Vance Center Committee, the Association’s Int... Read More

October, 2021

Lawyers Council Focuses on Judicial Appointments in Mexico

The Vance Center's Lawyers Council for Civil and Economic Rights published a call for action and a policy brief (available in Spanish) analyzing Mexico's process for appointing Supreme Court Just... Read More

September, 2021

Vance Center’s Support of Guatemalan Judge Erika Aifán Receives Widespread Coverage

Media in Guatemala and in the region took note of Judge Erika Aifan’s petition to the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) filed on September 7 by her pro bono legal team from King... Read More

July, 2021

The Lawyers Council Hosts Webinar on Anti-corruption Efforts in Latin America

The Lawyers Council for Civil and Economic Rights hosted a regional webinar to consider the main findings of the recently-published Anti-corruption Assessment in Latin America 2020, delineating l... Read More

May, 2021

Lawyers Council’s Latin America Anticorruption Assessment Receives Widespread Coverage

Media throughout the Americas took note of the Latin America Anticorruption Assessment produced by the Vance Center’s Lawyers Council for Civil and Economic Rights. It delineates legal efforts ... Read More

March, 2021

Vance Center Guatemala Webinar Receives Widespread Coverage

Guatemalan media reported extensively on the Lawyers Council for Civil and Economic Rights webinar “The Future of the Rule of Law in Guatemala: Perspectives of the National and International Pr... Read More