Lawyers Council

March, 2019

Vance Center Co-Sponsors Multiple Events in Santiago

The Vance Center over three days in Santiago, Chile, convened gatherings of Latin American colleagues in three key programs: Pro Bono Promotion and the Pro Bono Network of the Americas; Women in ... Read More

March, 2019

Vance Center Pursues Lawyers Council initiatives in Guatemala

Latin American Policy Manager Jaime Chávez Alor participated in meeting organized by Acción Ciudadana considering strategies to strengthen integrity in the business and legal sectors of Guatema... Read More

January, 2019

Vance Center Broadens Activities in Guatemala

Latin American Policy Manager Jaime Chávez Alor traveled to Guatemala to explore with Acción Ciudadana and other Vance Center partners initiatives related to combating corruption, including the... Read More

February, 2018

Vance Center Mexico City Conferences Coming Soon

The 2018 Pro Bono Conference. The Vance Center and the Pro Bono Network of the Americas are co-sponsoring the Network’s first annual Latin America Pro Bono Conference on March 12-13. The Fundac... Read More

March, 2017

Vance Center Launches Anti-Corruption Initiative for Latin America

The Council currently consists of 18 leading legal practitioners from thirteen Latin American countries and the United States with active experience as leaders of civil society in their respectiv... Read More