January, 2021

Vance Center Boosts Local U.S. Journalism

Lawyers for Reporters, within a year of its launch, has proved to help dozens of local journalism outlets to organize, set up news-making and business systems, and publish from diverse, independe... Read More

December, 2020

Vance Center Launches Latin America Public Interest Law Initiative

The Vance Center is excited to launch the Access to Justice Practicum to mitigate the access-to-justice gap in Latin America. Through the Practicum, outstanding recent law graduates will work on ... Read More

December, 2020

Save The Date: Keep-Families-Together Award Ceremony

On January 19, 2021 at 6:00pm (EST), the Vance Center will honor some of our international partners in the Keep Families Together initiative for their outstanding, unwavering commitment to assist... Read More

December, 2020

Vance Center Releases Annual Appeal

       December 15, 2020 Dear Friend, What a year it has been!  As the pandemic hit, the Vance Center jumped in and focused on the human rights impact of the COVID-19 response across... Read More

November, 2020

Vance Center Launches Africa Pro Bono Series

In partnership with South Africa’s and Nigeria’s Public Interest Law Partnership (PILP), and the Pro Bono Clearing House, the Vance Center began the first Africa Pro Bono Series, ... Read More

October, 2020

Keep Families Together Expands and Plans to Recognize International Partners

Keep Families Together has assisted more than 125 families from 13 countries around the world to receive pro bono legal assistance from lawyers in their home countries in support of their U.S. im... Read More