Our Partners

PARTNERSHIP IS FUNDAMENTAL FOR THE VANCE CENTER. It is a goal, as well as a method, of our work. We work with many different partners in all of our activities:

Hundreds of law firms throughout the world collaborate on our pro bono legal representation of civil society organizations and international human rights bodies. The law firms represented on the Vance Center Committee are particularly active and supportive.

We work closely with pro bono clearinghouses worldwide to organize the collaboration of law firms on our projects. These clearinghouses similarly join us in initiatives to promote pro bono practice, through conferences, exchanges of best practices, and establishment of new clearinghouses. With Fundacion Pro Bono Chile, we lead the Pro Bono Network of the Americas, which includes ten more clearinghouse organizations, with others under development.

We similarly collaborate actively with bar associations throughout the world, acting as an international programmatic representative of the New York City Bar Association, a world leader in pro bono practice, ethics, diversity, and promotion of the rule of law and fundamental human rights. We organize and join delegations to study challenges to the rule of law and fundamental human rights, as well as encourage other bar associations to institutionalize pro bono practice and diversity among their memberships.