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October, 2020

Keep Families Together Expands and Plans to Recognize International Partners

Keep Families Together has assisted more than 125 families from 13 countries around the world to receive pro bono legal assistance from lawyers in their home countries in support of their U.S. im... Read More

October, 2020

Pro Bono Network of the Americas Updates

The Vance Center and the Pro Bono Network of the Americas  soon will conclude the “Semana País” initiative, five months of programming to keep network members collaborating on pandemic-rel... Read More

October, 2020

Vance Center Supports Transparency International Panama on Registration of Ultimate Beneficial Ownership

The New York City Bar Association recently issued a press release on the report Unveiling Corporate Structures: An International View on Registries of Ultimate Beneficial Owners, which the Vance ... Read More

October, 2020

Vance Center Authors Report on Rights of Rivers

The Vance Center Environment Program, together with the Earth Law Center and International Rivers, has authored a comprehensive report on the “Rights of Nature” around the world. “A global ... Read More

September, 2020

Vance Center Enjoys Renewed Participation and Support

The first Vance Center Committee meeting of the 2020-21 cycle brought together 31 of the total 46 members.  Chairs of new sub-committees on fundraising (Janet Whitaker of Clifford Chance), commu... Read More

September, 2020

Vance Center Supports Judicial Independence and Gender Equality in Mexico

As part of the Vance Center’s efforts to advance judicial independence in the region and in particular the work of Mexican women judges, the Vance Center organized a virtual conference “Judic... Read More