Latin America Policy

April, 2023

Vance Center Joins Statements on Judicial Threats in Guatemala and Mexico, Moves Ahead with Guatemalan Judge’s Case at Inter-American Commission

Guatemala National Palace, Guatemala City. (Photo credit: Shutterstock) In a “Second statement condemning the Mexican President’s attacks on judicial independence,” published in English... Read More

March, 2023

Bogotá Conference Explores the Future of Pro Bono and Access to Justice in the Americas, Commemorates Vance Center’s 20th Anniversary

Panelists Judge Adriana Orocú and Diego García-Sayán. (Photo credit: Lucca Cano Photo) The Vance Center and the Pro Bono Network of the Americas organized the conference, entitled “Trabajo P... Read More

March, 2023

Vance Center Supports Latin American Judges at IACHR Hearing

Judges and CIDH Commissioners at the March 9 hearing on threats to judicial independence. (Photo credit: Jaime Chavez Alor) The Vance Center, in collaboration with other international organizatio... Read More

March, 2023

Vance Center, FLAM, and AMABOL Launch Assessment of Independence of Bolivia’s Judicial System

The assessment examines issues such as the selection and appointment of magistrates and judges; labor practices including evaluations, promotions, disciplinary processes, and dismissals; physical... Read More

February, 2023

Vance Center Convenes Workshop Series on Protecting Judicial Independence in Latin America

The Vance Center and the Central American Federation of Judges for Democracy (FECAJUD) — with funding from the National Endowment for Democracy — organized a workshop series for judge... Read More

January, 2023

Vance Center Joins Group Observing Reappointment of Honduran Supreme Court

Vance Center Latin America Policy Director Jaime Chavez Alor participated in a group of international observers organized by the Asociación por una Sociedad Más Justa ASJ, the Honduran Chapter ... Read More